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DG delight services and GFE Services

 If you are quite active in the erotic sense of services offered by the Internet, you must be aware that the Dongguan Delight or DG styles quite famous in the Chinese escort industry. Let me help you get an in-depth understanding of the service and compare the difference with GFE (girl friend experience)


What is Dongguan Delight?


The famous Dongguan Delight or DG style is a type of specialised escort services in the province of Dongguan, China. Typical Dongguan Delight service are:

Handstand BJ (Blowjob)

Rimming Services

Shower Services

Front-side Services(full-end body-to-body massage of the client’s front body by rubbing breasts, buttocks, and legs over the body of the client. Saying the client to close his eyes, and changing to some set of erotic wear. Lovemaking in many positions from the front side.)

Back-side services (chatting and delivering a hot, sensuous, erotic full-body massage in bed.)


For delivering the highly erotic Dongguan Delight services, the girls offering them are usually trained for around 1-3 months by some famous, recognized massage parlour in the area. After receiving the intense training, the girls are referred to as DG Style Masseuse. Only after receiving this recognition, the girls can look forward to delivering the professional style of DG Style services.

What are the essential differences between Dongguan (DG) and GFE?


In New Zealand sex industry, GFE services are mostly based on emotions and meant for someone who had recently undergone a breakup or is feeling lonely & distraught in life. The escorts delivering GFE services usually refrain themselves from getting involved erotically with the client. Extra services such as touching, mutual oral and French kiss are belonging to the GFE services.


On the other hand, Dongguan (DG) Delight services are all about pleasing the client erotically. Using a series of erotic moves and steps, it is the duty of the escorts or call girls delivering DG services to satiate the sexual needs of the customers with new, innovative steps.

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