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The Best hyper-realistic dolls  in New Zealand


What is Stella's sexdoll?

They are completely realistic dolls made of silicone that gives you a feeling extremely close to skin and both in the movement of their joints and to the touch, that will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limits. These Sex Dolls will make the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic. Stella's Dolls are very high-end products that you must handle with care and respect

How do you guarantee the hygiene of the Dolls?

Our Dolls have removable parts and are properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps before and after every service.

Our sheets are for single use and are changed after each use. Our rooms are also cleaned after each use. We guarantee the highest standards of hygiene of our

Doll, rooms and locations.

Vaginal and anal orifice that must be lubricated before each use. We provide lubricant and condoms for every use

Can a Doll be used by any adult

Yes as long as your over 18+ male, female

We consider a couple 2 people regardless of gender

(a woman + a man or 2 women or 2 men)


How Do I Make An Appointment?

At Stella's Doll House we are all about discretion. These will be the steps to ensure that

To make an appointment give us a call ot text. Once you have booked your time you must confirm 30 minutes before your appointment.

The confirmation text information will be requested upon your arrival and your session cost per hour in cash or internet money transfer which will be paid on or before your arrival.

Our receptionist will guide you to your relaxing room where your doll of your choice will be

waiting for you in the desired configuration.

We don't book with private, blocked or unknown numbers.

After you are done your session,

Let our receptionist know so they can inspect the room and Doll

Where Are You Located?

We are currently in Upper-Riccarton, Christchurch

Incall and outcall availible

Can I Have a Shower?

Yes you can, we have full shower facilities with body wash

and fresh towels

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